Dear Friend,

Welcome and thank you for visiting our site.  It is hard to convey, in just a few lines,
what Highland Springs Fellowship is all about. We know there are 31 flavors out there
and finding the one that tastes right to you is an adventure. Allow me to share with
you our heart and vision.

Our mission statement is "To see Christ in all men and all men in Christ". In other
words, to see the stamp of God the Creator on every living soul, to honor them as the
unique individuals that they are and to help them find a place in Christ as a part of His
ever increasing and large family. And that is what we are - family. Sharing, believing,
and experiencing God together on a daily basis. We are all shapes, sizes, colors and
backgrounds. We love God and His people and know that He loves us.

So, come and join us and watch what God is doing as He provides, heals and reveals to
us His Glory that we might honor Him.

In Christ,
Pastor Jerry
  Highland Springs Fellowship
5297 W. Wilson Street
Banning, CA 92220
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Pastor Jerry Westholder
Highland Springs

To see Christ in all men, and all men in Christ